President & CEO
Company NameRoyal Corejati group & Consultancy Co.,Ltd
Dates EmployedOct 2008 – Present
Employment Duration10 yrs 6 mos
LocationHong Kong / Sabah, Malaysia
 Oil & Gas Industry, 

Petroleum Products Sourcing /Marketing /Distribution /Trading, 
MineMines and Metals Trading. 
Steel Scraps and Steels.

Global sales of fuel fabrication equipment used by the enzyme.
Brokerage of valuable antiques worldwide. 



The mission of Dr Takano


Being knowledgeable and well experienced, Dr. Takano is a man with insight in his mid-50s. Influenced by his sister ( stays young albeit aged over 60s) who runs a leading beauty branched in Japan, Doctor has a strong will to cure/prevent ageing - caused skin problems and thus prolong youth momentum. He believes simply a box of Premium Cream (with the combination of substance which is high anti-oxidant, moisture and anti-sensitive) will be the best medicine and in fact, such not difficult to achieve given his well-versed medical sense and professionalism. Besides absolutely demanding and selective in product components, Doctor is strict to choose a long well-established manufacturer with a team of related experts to work together for the product development.



About Chika


All the ingredients chosen derive from plantation extraction and are amongst the approval list from the Health Authority, Japan(such approval is required to ensure they are not harmful to the skin as per local statutory requirement). Indeed thanks to the dedication of Doctor Takano who works closely together with the team. It is only with their technical know-how in the production process, the distinctive attributes of each ingredient could be maximised with their compound benefits penetrating into the underlying skin layer to reactivate the sleeping cells back to healthy status whilst moisture would stay on the upper layer. The target cream is finally born after satisfactory test trial by the team.


Email : love@soyoung.com.hk  /  Contact Number : (852) 54066871  /  Address : 香港銅鑼灣富明街 1-5 寶富大廈 6H

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